How We Work


The Scowcroft Group embodies a culture of results-driven service, the highest professional standards, and impeccable integrity. These are the fundamental principles that infuse every aspect of our work, guiding our conduct and differentiating our approach.

Integrity is the essential building block of our organization. Achieving consistent strategic planning, market entry, and risk management success is dependent on strong partnerships, wherein our clients entrust us to provide impartial, thoughtful analysis in a confidential manner. We are certain that our strong values form a compelling and time-tested basis for global business success.


At The Scowcroft Group, we design strategies based on the specific needs of our clients’ business models, industries, and global conditions. We maintain a flat organizational structure, ensuring that each project receives hands-on direction from our experienced Principals, who are paired with individual clients to capitalize on their unique skills and expertise. 

We believe that the first step to achievement is establishing that the bridge to it exists. Developing a model by which to assess timelines and quantify risk is essential in today’s volatile world. Our service offerings – from market entry to geopolitical analysis – warrant a keen observance of fact and theory in order to accurately assess long-term outlooks.  

In everything we do, we integrate the belief that effectively translating ideas into action and improving profitability means companies must look beyond near-term outcomes to the events and factors precipitating them, as well as longer-term horizons. The Scowcroft Group’s exclusive blend of insight and experience gives our clients the competitive edge necessary to achieve success in an interconnected world.