Global Reach

As companies develop investments and operations globally, they face the task of mitigating risk and optimizing performance across unpredictable environments. These challenges are especially pronounced in developing countries. Their high growth fosters new consumer markets and investment prospects, but their unique development trajectories also present considerable difficulties. These can include low corporate governance standards, fledgling institutions, endemic corruption, and nascent regulatory regimes, all of which multiply operational and reputational hazards. Governments in such states often act as critical market players, adopting a multiplicity of roles that extend into the corporate sector. Weak rule of law coupled with capricious state policy developments heighten regulatory uncertainties. Moreover, cultural emphasis places a high return on strong personal relationships.

In many of our countries of operation, there is significant government involvement in strategic sectors of the economy. Consequently, our clients have found that an assessment of the political outlook is required for a complete understanding of the potential risks and rewards of proposed projects. In addition, in order to mitigate deal risk over the lifetime of their investments, our clients have drawn upon our ability to understand and deal with key leaders in both government and business in complex political and regulatory environments.

Our principals and network of consultants reach into governments and businesses worldwide, enabling us to represent clients in virtually every market, drawing upon local as well as global resources. Our strategic risk advisory and risk management partners and affiliates provide unique global business insights, in-country support, and timely value-added information. We empower our clients to insulate themselves from the perils of excessive risks, while enhancing their ability to take advantage of specific areas for growth.