Financial Services

As the global economy continues to broaden and deepen its interconnections, financial markets and banking sectors increase their vulnerability to systemic shocks stemming from global fiscal and monetary policies, industry trends, and pandemic crises. Understanding the likely paths of resolution and evolution for the industry and navigating the uncertainty of complex regulations present significant business opportunities for forward-looking companies.

The Scowcroft Group partners with a wide array of global financial clients, from commodity traders to commercial banks and insurance firms, offering a wide range of strategic risk advisory and investment decision-making support.

The Scowcroft Group and Renaissance Macro Research have joined our forces in providing geopolitical and financial market analysis. Learn more about The Scowcroft Group’s Partnerships.

Client Snapshot

The Scowcroft Group advises leading institutional and alternative investors on the financial market impact of policy events, and has advised on transactions in the sector such as a U.S. private equity fund in unwinding a food manufacturing investment in China, for which the client was able to recover its complete investment.