The U.S. defense and aerospace industry accounts for more than half of the sector’s revenues globally, but economic and political trends continually compel companies to pursue and develop new markets. Larger, secular changes in the international system force firms to face the ever-mounting requirement to find creative avenues for expansion within the global marketplace, and navigate the complexities of more traditional sources of demand.

The shifting international landscape presents significant security challenges. Threats to sovereignty from external physical forces are no longer the sole consideration of states. As private companies expand their services and operations abroad, they must react to technology threats, such as cyber-security attacks and intellectual property theft, as well as volatile political environments. The defense industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past decades, with critical opportunities to provide global public and private protection and support.

Client Snapshot

The Scowcroft Group successfully advised a European defense leader on a strategic acquisition opportunity. We have also assisted a major defense firm in pursuing global partnerships and co-production opportunities.