Financial Markets Advisory

Macro Policy and Geopolitical Analysis: We provide substantive, actionable macro policy research and geopolitical analysis to the financial community and business leaders. Our clients include traders and investors in the equity, fixed income, and commodities markets around the world, as well as senior corporate executives. Our real-time research helps clients understand how policy events and long-term trends drive markets. Our approach involves a thorough assessment of the economic, political, military, diplomatic, and other factors that in our view largely determine the direction of macro policy and geopolitical risk.  

Sample of Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Policy Reports:

  • Thailand:  Political Risk Will Remain Even If Demonstrations Subside 
  • Macro Policy Report: Policy Implications of a Period of Secular Stagnation
  • China: Announcement of ADIZ Increases East China Sea Tensions 
  • Iran: Real Progress in Geneva Signals Possible Deal in Next Round if Washington/Tehran Politics Can Be Managed 
  • Macro Policy Report: A U.S. Monetary and Fiscal Timeline 
  • Pakistan: Domestic Uncertainties Compound Challenges to Economic Reforms